Tenants FAQs

The following are our Frequently Asked Questions and Answers to be listed: -

Do you run tenant credit checks?
Yes, your details will be fully checked, and references required in the form of: -
  • Personal Identification
  • Proof of current address
  • Proof of current income
  • Details of your employment
We may also require further information such as a copy of your current Tenancy Agreement or bank statements, etc.
What are the first steps to obtaining a tenancy?
The first step is to fully complete a Tenant Application Form.  You can do this online or request a paper copy.
By what method do I pay my rent each month?
All rents require to be paid via Standing Order (one month in advance).
The standard deposit at Rentlocally Tayside and Fife is 1 month’s rent plus £100 for tenants who provide their own reference information.  If there are pets, the deposit will be increased by a minimum of £100, depending on the type and number of pets.
What else do I have responsibility for?
In the case of a ‘communal’ close, you will be required to carry out regular cleaning, possibly on a rotation basis with the other tenants.  You are also required to maintain/replace the following:-
  • Consumables (batteries, fuses etc)
  • Light maintenance of garden (including cleaning of any patio areas)
  • Tightening screws/nails – door handles/cupboards, rails, fittings etc
  • Radiator bleeds
  • Appliance maintenance (i.e. regular interior cleaning washing machine)
  • Keeping drains clean/free from debris, and unblocking where necessary
  • Responsibility for ventilation, in the case of showers/baths, cooking, etc
  • Lock maintenance
  • Regular sweeping of chimney by a professional contractor, if applicable.
What about parking facilities?
Before you sign up to your tenancy, ensure you are aware of the car parking available. It may be the case that a permit is required/or has to be applied for, prior to being able to use parking facilities on-site.